Core issue with crypto / stable-coins

  1. its abuse as facilitator of ransomeware / extortion — causing continuous tightening of regulations.
  2. Pseudo-anonymous money laundering that causes traceable risks to Banks (unlike cash which is completely anonymous) — causing “de-risking” and therefore resulting in extreme and continuous friction for crypto to go mainstream.

US-banking grade KYC at a global level is not possible with current technology

  1. Identity document can be tampered or stolen — any document can be photoshopped. …

However it is a tool that really belongs to the stone age.. why?

how does it create Grey Zone to prevent Covid-19?

  • Top 40 Malaria countries: — 212.24 malaria/1000 = 0.2 C19 cases per million
  • Next 40 Malaria countries: — 7.30 malaria/1000 = 10.1 C19 cases per million
  • 154 No-Malaria countries: — ZERO malaria/1000 = 68.7 C19 cases per million
  1. Humidity
  2. Temperature
  3. Very low central air-conditioning
  4. Immunity due to anti-malaria drugs (ignoring…

20 million Americans will need ICU in next 40 days and possibility of 300m global deaths this year.


False hope —

The “Unsolved” problem of Fin-tech finally may have a breakthrough

What is Online Identity?

  1. Physically bound to a real person,
  2. Legal - having the correct name and date of birth referenced with an institutional and credible database.
  3. Verifiable, audit-able and bankable.
  4. Having actual control and no impersonation.

All existing technology can be easily be beaten by simple Photoshop to create false identities or impersonate someone.

Online Identity or eKYC is just like emperor’s clothes.

Sunrise project for crypto

So why the hell we need anti-money laundering regulations?

Tech just had it’s first encounter with abuse of central power

The world order is changing really really fast.

First — Does it solve any real problem for the world?

Vishal Gupta

Founder & CEO— Diro Labs

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